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Freight Management

Operational excellence must be the priority of any program that serves the energy industry. The costs of the product and of failure to deliver the product far outweigh the cost of the transportation. Ardmore Power Logistics delivers this excellence by putting key people in operating roles, people with the backgrounds and skills to think critically and advise knowledgably on behalf of our clients.

"A coordinated program can trim transportation costs by consolidating freight spend to negotiate lower rates."

Carrier Selection and Screening

Ardmore Logistics is a non-asset based third party logistics company. This structure allows us to use the right mix of transportation assets to meet the specific needs of our customers. We have developed and continue to refine and monitor a pool of carriers with the capabilities and coverage to handle our volume of work.

We limit this pool of carriers to those who meet all government safety and authority standards and meet our stringent insurance requirements. From those carriers, we select leading providers by mode of transportation and region of service, rating them on value, performance, technology and customer service.

Route Guide Development

Ardmore Logistics creates and publishes route guides for our customers and their vendors. These interactive web-based guides direct shippers to use specific carriers. The guides identify the preferred carrier, the transit time and contact information for the carrier based on shipment destination, size, weight and urgency and allows the user to complete the shipping transaction without picking up a phone.

Decision Support

Freight terms are often a key part of the sourcing decision. Whenever possible, we work with our customers' purchasing professionals in the early stages of a purchase, assisting them with rates, methods and consolidation options to ensure the total cost of ownership is as low as possible. The information we provide allows the purchaser to make an informed final decision on freight terms and risk of loss.


We control the movement of all customer freight, either indirectly through the route guide or directly through our account coordinators. Our account coordinators manage all critical, large or expedited shipments. Our coordinators are in constant personal and electronic communication with our carriers. We dispatch, track and trace freight, expedite it when necessary and communicate the process to our customers and their vendors. We place great emphasis on our ability to respond quickly and creatively to a "lights out", "plant down" or storm situations and are staffed to handle weekend, evening and after-hours emergencies.

Transportation Cost Reduction

A coordinated program can trim transportation costs by consolidating freight spend to negotiate lower rates, controlling the mode of transportation, and taking advantage of the spot market when opportunities arise. In addition to operational savings, significant sales tax savings are available on inbound transportation.

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